ImageEn History

ImageEn 6.0.0

Top Ten Enhancements

1. ChromaKey Background Removal

Can now perform ChromaKey removal for green screen image applications

ChromaKey Background Removal

2. Portable Devices API Support

Images and videos can be acquired from connected devices using the Portable Devices API (WPD)

3. More Powerful Editing Dialog

Proc.DoPreviews now provides image cropping and auto-enhancement features

More Powerful Editing Dialog

4. Fifteen New Actions

New actions for ImageEnView and ImageEnMView to perform editing, change layout and sort files

5. Edge Feathering

Edges of images and layers can now be feathered (against the alpha channel)

6. "Details" View for ImageEnMView

New thumbnail layout for ImageEnMView that displays text to the right of the thumbnail

Details View for TImageEnMView

7. Desktop and Drives display for ImageEnFolderMView

ImageEnFolderMView can navigate to the Drives and Desktop special folders

Desktop and Drives display for TImageEnFolderMView

8. Plus many more ImageEnMView Improvements

ImageEnMView can now display Wang and ImageEn annotations, shows an icon for missing and unknown file types, and has much lower resource requirements

9. HistogramBox Enhancements

The HistogramBox can now show a Hue histogram and values and ranges can be selected

The HistogramBox can now show a Hue histogram and values and ranges can be selected

10. MICR Support

IEVision can now perform OCR on documents containing MICR text


ImageEn 5.2.0

Top Ten Enhancements

1. Much improved TImageEnMView

While there are too many improvements to list, they include:

- Gesture Support
- Mouse wheel can now be used for zooming, scrolling or navigation
- Styling improvements including display of checkboxes on hover, and better visual indication when disabled
- Improved performance

Styling improvements including display of checkboxes on hover, and better visual indication when disabled

2. Powerful Dithering

TImageEnProc.ConvertTo now supports many more dithering types and palettes, including Floyd-Steinberg

TImageEnProc.ConvertTo now supports many more dithering types and palettes, including Floyd-Steinberg

3. Meta-data Helper Unit

New helper unit to provide improved functionality when accessing and displaying EXIF, IPTC and DICOM meta-data

4. DICOM Enhancements

Significant DICOM improvements, including better reading speed and memory requirements, support for more sub-formats and implementation of the official list of 5,000 Dicom tags

5. TIFF Enhancements

Numerous TIFF improvements including optimization and support for more sub-formats

6. 64bit DB Components

ImageEn database components are now also available for 64bit applications

7. VCL Theme Support

All ImageEn components now support VCL Themes

All ImageEn components now support VCL Themes

8. Multiple Folders in TImageEnFolderMView

TImageEnFolderMView can now display content of multiple folders simultaneously

9. MMF Enhancements

Continuing improvements to our Media Foundation API implementation

10. XE7 Support

Now compatible with Delphi and C++ Builder XE7


ImageEn 5.1.1

Top Five Enhancements

1. Added support for Delphi/C++Builder XE6
2. TImageEnProc.Previews now allows the addition of a soft shadow
3. Can specify background color for irregular rotations in Proc.Previews dialog
4. Progress is now updated during TImageEnProc.SkewDetectionFine
5. Fixed some dicom related issues


ImageEn 5.1.0

Top Ten Enhancements

1. Now supports Microsoft Media Foundation for video grabbing from web cams, file and URLs
2. Enhanced filtering of TOpenImageEnDialog to display all supported files, including limiting to just images or videos
3. Improvements to TIESlippyMap for improved aeshetics
4. Now includes a built-in set of pan-zoom effects
5. Font styling can now be specified for TIEAnimation
6. New helper functions to load/save all settings of TIEAcquireParams
7. New helper functions to create PDF and PS files from a file list
8. Added properties for PDF and PS files: PaperSize
9. CaptureFromScreen can now be limited to the primary monitor
10. Can load base64 encoded files, and copes better with corrupt PSD files and GIF images with invalid animation


ImageEn 5.0.6

Top Eight Enhancements

1. ImageEn now supports all formats of the installed version of ImageMagick
2. Includes an Equirectangular renderer to view 360° Android-Google Photosphere images
3. Can now read BigTIFF format (>4GB TIFFs) and PSB format (large Photoshop PSD)
4. Vectorial objects can now be saved into JPEG and TIFF files
5. TImageEnProc.GetHistogram can get histograms of 8 and 16 bit gray scale images
6. Added Unicode support for iekMEMO and iekTEXT objects in TImageEnVect (no RTL support yet)
7. New "Fill Page" option to print images to full page size while cropping edges
8. New event allows blocking of selection changes in TImageEnMView


ImageEn 5.0.5

Top Five Enhancements

1. ImageEnView now supports gestures in Windows 7 and 8 to pan, zoom, rotate and move images
2. Twenty new transition effects including 3D page flipping and cube rotation effects, word and letter effects, jigsaw puzzle, and "Pacman" effects

3D Cube Transition effect

Disolving Word Transition Effect

3. Styling of sixty existing transition effects can now be modified using a new global option
4. Checkboxes can optionally be used for multiple selection in TImageEnMView
5. Supports IEVision's new barcode recognition features


ImageEn 5.0.0

Top Ten Enhancements

1. TImageEnFolderMView

A descendent of ImageEnMView designed specifically for displaying the content of file folders, including support for:

- Folder icons
- Drag and drop of files from Windows
- Cut, copy and paste of files from Windows Explorer
- File information when hovering over frames
- Automatic refresh when folder contents change
- Display of the standard folder popup menu
- File functions to move, copy, rename and delete files
- In-built file navigation, file shortcuts and other functions


2. Dicom Saving

ImageEn now provides native support for saving DICOM files

3. Rotation Dialog

The Image Processing dialog now includes support for rotation, allowing you to prompt the user to rotate the current image with an ImageEn TAction or a single line of code: ImageEnView1.Proc.DoPreviews([peRotate])

4. Improved Encryption

New algorithm provides much improved encryption (without contours showing for encrypted lossless images)

5. ImageEnMView Styling

Significant improvements have been made to ImageEnMView styling with new options for text margins, background colors and icons. For ease of usage call ImageEnMView1.SetModernStyling to automatically set all styling properties to match Windows. A new "ThumbnailClipping" property even allows thumbnails to be automatically clipped to their display area

6. ImageEnMView Text

A full set of constants allow you to thumbnail frames to automatically output text information, such as dimensions, file size, date, etc.

7. ImageEnMView Sorting

An ImageEnMView can now be sorted by file size, create date, edit date and type

8. Image Processing Preview Improvements

The styling of the preview dialog has been improved so it is more suitable when used for a single purpose, such as rotation or resizing. It also provides much better preview performance with large images and can use anti-aliasing

9. Improved Rotation Preview

ImageEnView can now display rotated layers with anti-aliasing

10. XE5 Support

Now compatible with Delphi and C++ Builder XE5


ImageEn 4.3.1

Top Ten Enhancements

1. Added support for Delphi and C++ Builder XE4
2. PrintImagesToFile function allows an ImageEnMView to ouput a set of files (thumbnail sheets)
3. All ImageEn global settings are now centralized with the TIEImageEnGlobalSettings class
4. ImageEn actions can now be localized by setting MsgLanguage
5. ImageEnMView allows the selection of multiple regions using the Ctrl key
6. Added iexDicomRoutines helper unit for Dicom files
7. ImageEnMView now supports Explorer thumbnails when using AppendImage
8. Added translations: Chinese Traditional (Big5 Encoding) and Norwegian
9. DICOM decoder now can read nested tags
10. FillFromDirectory can now be cancelled by setting MIO.Aborting := True


ImageEn 4.3.0

Top Fifteen Enhancements

1. Now supports creation of 64bit applications in Delphi/CPP XE2 and XE3
2. 170 actions for ImageEnView, ImageEnMView and ImageEnVect to rapidly create UI without code

170 actions for ImageEnView, ImageEnMView and ImageEnVect

3. New TIESlippyMap class to perform basic geo-location (automatic display of GPS-EXIF points on a map)

TIESlippyMap class to perform basic geo-location

4. New methods to read and write IPTC fields
5. ImageEnMView will now display thumbnails for video files retrieved from Windows Explorer

ImageEnMView will now display thumbnails for video files retrieved from Windows Explorer

6. Improvements to OpenImageEnDialog, including better layout and larger preview options

Improvements to OpenImageEnDialog, including better layout and larger preview options

7. ImageEnView can now playback animated GIF and AVI files
8. New TImageEnView method to perform a smooth zoom (transitions to the new zoom, rather than displaying it immediately)
9. New helper file unit to add shortcut methods to TImageEnIO, TBitmap, as well as general image file functions
10. Improvements to the documentation (on-going)
11. Many methods of ImageEnVect now allow you to specify a parameter to apply action to all selected objects
12. Added functions to TIEBitmap: Rotate, Flip and Resample
13. Added translations for Arabic and Serbian
14. EXIF date properties now all offer TDateTime equivalents
15. Four new demos: Geo Maps, Actions, MView Actions and Vect Actions


ImageEn 4.1.4

» Beta release of 64bit support for Delphi and C++ Builder XE2 and XE3
» Optional DLL for 32bit applications to speed up file loading


ImageEn 4.1.3

» Added support for Delphi and C++ Builder XE3


ImageEn 4.1.2

Top Ten Enhancements

1. Images can now be automatically aligned to the center or either side, both horizontally and vertically
2. Easier sorting of files by name, text, etc, when using TImageEnMView
3. Rotation of Layer 0 is now supported when MouseInteract is miRotateLayers
4. Selected layer box and grips are displayed over all layers
5. Bounding box is displayed when rotating a layer
6. It is now possible to remove the last inserted selection point (when MouseInteract is miSelectPolygon)
7. DICOM: enhanced support for lossless-jpeg compression
8. Angle objects for TImageEnVect can now be defined in code
9. Added TIEAcquireParams.FindSourceByName to locate devices using only their name
10. Vectorial objects can now be drawn over Black/white images (Experimental feature)


ImageEn 4.1.0

Top Ten Enhancements

1. Now offers a generic interface to all acquisition sources, Twain, WIA and connected cameras and cards

Acquire from any source, Twain, WIA, Cameras, cards

2. Photos can now be acquired from connected cameras and cards (which appear as USB drives)
3. Support for much larger PDF creation through disk caching
4. TImageEnMView now offers a Seek method to quickly navigate loaded images and frames
5. TImageEnMView will automatically scroll when dragging items within it
6. TImageEnMView.FillFromDirectory can optionally add all supported video formats
7. Added TImageEnMView.SelectedImageAlwaysVisible property to force the selected image to remain visible
8. TSaveImageEnDialog can now be used without attaching it to a TImageEnIO (though in this configuration it will not provide user access to file parameters)
9. New selection option, iesoDisableOneClickDeselect, which prevents clearing of the selection when clicking on a TImageEnView
10. TImageEnView and TImageEnMView now expose the Touch property
Also includes a preview of XE2/64 bit support


ImageEn 4.0.2

Top Ten Enhancements

1. Delphi XE2 (32 bit) support
2. Support for the new IEVision Advanced Functionality add-on
3. New transition effects: Cube Rotate, Soft Wipe and Twist transitions
4. Insertion of transition frames with TImageEnMView and saving of transition frames to file with TImageEnProc
5. New helper units for advanced EXIF and IPTC handling, providing such functions as input/output of fields to string grids
6. Improved Open/Save dialogs including FilterDefault property for specifying a preferred image type
7. "Maintain Aspect Ratio" parameter for TImageEnProc.Resample and ResampleTo
8. ZoomIn and ZoomOut methods for quick implementation of zooming functionality
9. Overloaded versions of TImageEnMView.InsertImage for quicker insertion of images by bitmap or path
10. UnsharpMask now provides specification of Radius by double


ImageEn 4.0.1

Top Ten Enhancements

1. Full installer available to download all required packages and automatically register them
2. New Seek method to quickly navigate and load images within multi-frame formats such as TIFF, GIF, ICO and videos
3. Default file view for Open and Save dialogs can now be overridden to display thumbnails, full details, etc.
4. ImageEnMView automatically scrolls when making a drag selection (TrackMouseSelection = True)
5. All preview dialogs now use the Windows standard GUI font (if PreviewFont has not been overridden)
6. Preview button in Open and Save dialogs always launches a full size preview
7. All preview dialogs now use globals, iegPreviewImageBackgroundStyle and iegPreviewImageBackgroundColor, for image preview styling
8. Enhanced support for reading EXIF fields from Raw camera formats
9. Now TImageEnIO.LoadFromFile can load frames from WMV and MPEG formats
10. ImageEnView, ImageEnMView and ImageEnVect display themed borders if THEMED_BORDERS is defined in


ImageEn 4.0.0

Top Five Enhancements

1. Images can be displayed and navigated using Coverflow-style animation

Coverflow-style image animation effect

2. Preview now available for printing of thumbnails

Preview of Thumbnail Printing

3. Revamped styling of all ImageEn dialogs

Improved print preview dialog

4. ImageEnMView now supports drag style selection

Drag to select thumbnails

5. Global Zoom Quality property now available to improve the preview of images in all dialogs