ImageEn, unit iexHelperFunctions




function IELoadFromStreamFast(Stream: TStream;
                              FileType: TIOFileType;
                              MaxX, MaxY: integer;
                              AutoAdjustOrientation: Boolean = False;
                              IOParams: TIOParams = nil
                              ): Boolean;


Allows you to load an image into a TIEBitmap using the fastest method by specifying the maximum size it is required.
It uses OptimizeLoadingParams and WicFastLoading.

You can also set EnableAdjustOrientation to automatically re-orient JPEG camera images.
If you know the FileType type of the stream, pass it to speed up loading. Otherwise specify ioUnknown.
You can optionally pass an TIOParams object for the I/O parameters of the file.

Returns True if loading was successful, or False on error.


// Load the specified image as fast as possible, but bigger than the screen dimensions
MyIEBitmap.IELoadFromStreamFast( MyStream, ioUnknown, Screen.Width, Screen.Height )