ImageEn, unit imageenio



TIETextFormat = (ietfPascal, ietfHex, ietfBase64, ietfASCIIArt);


Value Description
ietfPascal In this case the format is as follows: const 'FileName_Extension_Size' = nnnn; 'FileName_Extension' : array [0 .. 'FileName_Extension_Size' - 1] of byte = ( $xx,$xx );This is useful when you want to embed the image inside a .pas file. You can load back the image by writing: ImageEnView1.IO.LoadFromBuffer(FileName_Extension, FileName_Extension_Size, fileformat);
ietfHex Save the image as a sequence of hex values. Example: 0xaa, 0xbb, etc...
ietfBase64 Save the image encoded with base 64 (the base of Mime64). Example: /9j/4AAQSkZJRgABAQEASABIAAD/2wBDAAYEBQYF...
ietfASCIIArt Save the image as an Ascii art. We suggest you sub-sample the image before save as Ascii art. The ImageFormat field of SaveToText must be ioUnknown.