ImageEn, unit iewia



TIEWia = class;


TIEWia class allows you to set/get parameters, show dialogs and control WIA devices.
Do not create this class directly, but access via TImageEnMView.MIO.WIAParams or TImageEnView.IO.WIAParams.


// Acquire an image with a horizontal resolution of 150 dpi from the default WIA device
ImageEnMView1.MIO.WIAParams.SetItemProperty(WIA_IPS_XRES, 150);
if ImageEnMView1.MIO.SetAcquireSource(ieaWIA, Default_Device) then

Methods and Properties

Public Property  ConnectedDeviceIndex
Public Method  ConnectTo
Public Method  ConnectToUsingDialog
Public Method  DeleteItem
Public Property  DeleteTakenPicture
Public Property  Device
Public Property  DevicesInfo
Public Property  DevicesInfoCount
Public Method  FillTreeView
Public Method  GetDeviceProperty
Public Method  GetItemProperty
Public Method  GetItemPropertyAttrib
Public Method  GetItemThumbnail
Public Method  IsItemDeleted
Public Property  SaveTransferBufferAs
Public Method  SetDeviceProperty
Public Method  SetDevicePropertyVariant
Public Method  SetItemProperty
Public Method  SetItemPropertyVariant
Public Method  ShowAcquireDialog
Public Method  SourceNameToIndex
Public Property  TakePicture
Public Property  TransferFormat
Public Method  UpdateItems