ImageEn, unit iexFolderMView




function InsertFile(idx : Integer; const sFilename : string; bSelectIt : Boolean = True; bCheckFileType : Boolean = True) : Boolean;


InsertFile adds a new file at the specified position in the grid. If bSelectIt is enabled the new file will be selected.
If bCheckFileType is enabled then the file is only added if it is permitted by folder parameters: FileTypes, FileTypesMask, ExclusionMask, ShowFolders and ShowHiddenFiles

Result is False if the file does not exist.

- Unlike the InsertImage methods, the added file will be loaded on demand and filled with the details and properties of TImageEnFolderMView- After adding many files you may want to call RefreshSorting
- You can use RefreshFileList to update the content if files change on the system (i.e. missing files will be removed from the control)


// Add file to the start of the list
IEFolderMView1.Add(0, 'D:\MyNewImage.jpg');

// Add folder (just the folder icon, not the files it contains)
IEFolderMView1.Add(0, 'D:\My Images\');

See Also

- InsertImage
- AppendFile
- FillFromDirectory