ImageEn, unit iemview




property Checkboxes: TIEMCheckboxType;


Displays a checkbox in each thumbnail box to provide an alternative method for users to select files (as opposed to multiple selection).

 Use CheckedCount to return the number of checked items
 Read/write the checked status of each file using Checked
 Set checked status en masse using CheckAll or UncheckAll
 Change the position and style of checkboxes with CheckBoxPos and SetCheckboxParams
 Add spacing to avoid drawing over the thumbnail using LeftGap or RightGap
 Access the event, OnCheckboxClick, to determine when the user clicks a checkbox
 To display a hint when hovering over the checkbox use OnGetHint
 You can also use the OnShowCheckbox event to control which images thumbnails are displayed for


Demo  Demos\Multi\Checkboxes\Checkboxes.dpr


// Display checkboxes
ImageEnMView1.Checkboxes := iecbAlways;

// Display checkboxes (and offset image so checkboxes do not draw over it)
ImageEnMView1.Checkboxes := iecbAlways;
ImageEnMView1.LeftGap    := 20;
ImageEnMView1.RightGap   := 6;

// Display checkboxes when hovering over a thumbnail
ImageEnMView1.Checkboxes := iecbShowOnHover;

// Remove the checkboxes
ImageEnMView1.Checkboxes := iecbNone;