ImageEn, unit hyiedefs

ImageEn Standard Exceptions

ImageEn raises internal errors using the exception class, EIEException. Common messages are as follows:

Message Description
Read Error Loading error was encountered
Write Error Saving error was encountered
Invalid Source Assign error because the specified source is invalid or an unknown type
Invalid Destination Assign To error because the specified destination is invalid or an unknown type
Index out of bounds Index out of range errors
Bitmap is unavailable Cannot retrieve the bitmap for an item in a TImageEnMView or TIEMultiBitmap
Method only supported for image layers A method has been used that is only support for a TIEImageLayer
File stream is corrupt Loading from a file or stream has failed because the stream is corrupt
Error creating GDI+ object An error was encountered when initializing a GDI+ object, such as TIECanvas. Ensure GDI+ is installed on the system
Unable to reposition table An error was encountered trying to position the database table at the specified record index
Unsupported pixel format The pixel format of the image is not supported for saving
Unexpected Error Exceptions that should not be possible in normal operation