ImageEn, unit iemview




TIEMultiSelectionOptions = set of (iemoRegion, iemoSelectOnMouseUp, iemoLeaveOneSelected, iemoRegionOnShift, iemoOptimizeForDragging, iemoSelectOnRightClick, iemoForceCTRLKey, iemoHideSelectionRect);


Value Description
iemoRegion Select only items inside selection rectangle when shift selecting
iemoSelectOnMouseUp By default, ImageEn selects an image on mouse down. If iemoSelectOnMouseUp is specified, ImageEn delays selection until mouse up
iemoLeaveOneSelected If specified, at least one item remains selected. Note: works only when the user deselects multiple images
iemoRegionOnShift If specified, pressing Shift only selects items inside rectangle
iemoOptimizeForDragging Makes the behavior closer to Windows Explorer when selecting a region. If you click outside a selection it creates a region, if you click on an existing selection it does nothing. This is particularly useful if you need to support dragging
iemoSelectOnRightClick Makes the behavior closer to Windows Explorer. When right-clicking outside the selection the new frame is selected. By default this is not specified, meaning that right-clicking has no effect on selection
iemoForceCTRLKey Forces multiple-selection. Clicking items will toggle their selection (i.e. same as holding down the Ctrl key). Note: Applies to mouse clicks only, not the keyboard
iemoHideSelectionRect By default, a visible (semi-transparent) rectangle is shown when drag selecting items. Add iemoHideSelectionRect to hide this.


// If you do not specify iemoRegion the entire row is selected when shift selecting:
ImageEnMView1.MultiSelectionOptions := [];

// By specifying iemoRegion only the specified columns are selected:
ImageEnMView1.MultiSelectionOptions := [iemoRegion];