ImageEn, unit ievision



TIEVisionOCREngine = (
  ievOCRLegacy = 0, // Legacy engine only
  ievOCRLTSM = 1, // Neural nets LSTM engine only
  ievOCRLTSMAndLegacy = 2, // Legacy + LSTM engines.
  ievOCRDefault = 3 // Default, based on what is available


The engine(s) used for OCR recognition:
Type Description
ievOCRLegacy Uses the older engine (from IEVision 4.5.2 and older)
ievOCRLTSM Uses the new LTSM OCR engine (faster and more accurate than Legacy)
ievOCRLTSMAndLegacy Uses either LTSM or Legacy
ievOCRDefault Uses LTSM if newer TrainedData files are available, otherwise falls back to Legacy

Generally, LTSM should always be used, providing significant speed and accuracy benefits:

OCR files are available for many languages on the ImageEn download page, supporting either LTSM only, or LTSM + Legacy