ImageEn, unit wpcubed_pdf_plugin



TIEWPCubedPDF = class;


This class has been provided as interface to the WPViewPDF DLL to load PDF files as if they were image files with ImageEn.

To use this class you need to included the unit wpcubed_pdf_plugin.pas.

Usually wpcubed_pdf_plugin.pas registers the PDF support but it is possible to deactivate the auto-registration in wpcubed_pdf_plugin.pas using a compiler symbol. In that case please add this code to your application:

if TIEWPCubedPDF.Initialize then
  ShowMessage('PDF decoder DLL could not be found');

WPViewPDF will create a bitmap from a certain PDF page. The size will be either fit into the size provided using LoadFromFilePDF or using the dpi setting provided by "PDF:Density" or TImageEnView.Params.DPI

TIEWPCubedPDF will work with any edition of WPViewPDF. You can download a demo from:

Methods and Properties



// Load the 3rd page of a PDF file with max dimensions of 1000x1000
TIEWPCubedPDF.RegisterPlugin(); // call only once!
ImageEnView1.ImageIndex := 2;
ImageEnView1.IO.LoadFromFilePDF( 'C:\Test.pdf', 1000, 1000 );