ImageEn, unit iemview




procedure InsertTransitionFrames(Idx : integer; iFrameCount : integer; Effect : TIETransitionType; iWidth : Integer = -1; iHeight : Integer = -1; BackgroundColor : TColor = -1; ResamplingFilter: TResampleFilter = rfFastLinear);


Create a series of transition frames from the image at Idx - 1 to the image at Idx (and insert them at position Idx). If Idx = 0 then the transition is from a blank frame to the first image. If Idx = ImageCount then the transition is from the last image to a blank frame.

Parameter Description
Idx The insertion position
iFrameCount The number of frames to insert
Effect The desired transition effect
iWidth, iHeight The size to create the transition bitmaps. If either of these are -1 then the size will be the larger of the two images in each dimension. Aspect Ratios will be maintained and any non-image area will be filled with BackgroundColor.
BackgroundColor The color that will be used for blank frames or non-image area (if -1 then Background is used)
ResamplingFilter The algorithm that is used to improve quality when resizing images

- Does not call OnCreateImage
- Use InsertTransitionFramesEx if you need to create frames for an iettPanZoom transition
- Cannot be used if a TIEDBMultiBitmap is attached to the control




// Create ten frames that use a cross dissolve transition from image 5 to image 6
ImageEnMView1.InsertTransitionFrames(6, 10, iettCrossDissolve);

See Also

- InsertTransitionFramesEx