ImageEn, unit iepresetim



procedure SetImageEnMViewPresetThumbnailFrame(MView: TImageEnMView; PresetIndex: Integer; UnselectedColor: TColor; SelectedColor: TColor);


Applies a background style to TImageEnMView thumbnails from an internal set of images.

Value Description
MView The TImageEnMView to apply the style change to
PresetIndex The style to use (-1: No custom style, 0: Photo, 1: Film, 2: Album, 3: Picture Frame)
UnselectedColor Color modification when frame is unselected
SelectedColor Color modification when frame is selected

Note: Add iepresetim to your uses clause to access SetImageEnMViewPresetThumbnailFrame


Demo  Demos\Multi\Thumbnails2\Thumbs.dpr


SetImageEnMViewPresetThumbnailFrame(ImageEnMView1, 0, clWhite, clGreen);

SetImageEnMViewPresetThumbnailFrame(ImageEnMView1, 2, clWhite, clGreen);

// Clear custom thumbs
SetImageEnMViewPresetThumbnailFrame(ImageEnMView1, -1, clWhite, clWhite);

Compatibility Information

Prior to v8.3.0, SetImageEnMViewPresetThumbnailFrame was defined in the TImageEnMView class as SetPresetThumbnailFrame. This was removed to reduce application size for applications that do not need preset images.
Code that was previously:

ImageEnMView1.SetPresetThumbnailFrame(0, clWhite, clGreen);

Should now be defined as:

SetImageEnMViewPresetThumbnailFrame(ImageEnMView1, 0, clWhite, clGreen);

See Also

- ThumbnailFrame
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