ImageEn, unit histogrambox



THistogramBox = class(TCustomControl);


THistogramBox can be attached to a TImageEnProc component from which it gets information to compute and display the color channels histogram.


Demo  Demos\ImageAnalysis\Histogram\Histogram.dpr


// Setup
with HistogramBox1 do
  Background     := clBtnFace;                   // Change background color to a theming color
  GrayColor      := clWindowText;                // Change line color to a theming color
  Font.Color     := clGrayText;                  // Change font and chart color to gray
  MouseInteract  := mhSelectValue;               // Allow selection of a single value
  HistogramKind  := [ hkRed, hkGreen, hkBlue ];  // Histogram to show RGB levels
  HistogramStyle := hsFilledLines;               // Show a filled line graph instead of bars

// Display histogram of colors in current image
HistogramBox1.UpdateFromBitmap( ImageEnView1.IEBitmap );

Methods and Properties

Published Property  AttachedImageEnProc
Published Property  Background
Public Property  Bitmap
Public Method  Clear
Published Property  CompBar
Public Method  GetIEBitmap
Published Property  GrayColor
Published Property  HistogramKind
Published Property  HistogramStyle
Public Property  HistogramAbsXPos
Published Property  Labels
Published Property  MouseInteract
Public Property  MinSelected
Public Property  MaxSelected
Public Property  Scale
Public Property  SelectionColor
Public Property  TruncateLabels
Public Method  UpdateFromBitmap
Public Method  UpdateFromHistogram


Event  OnSelectionChanged
Event  OnSelectionChanging