ImageEn, unit ieanimation



TIEAnimation = class;


This is the base abstract class for animation classes like coverflow-like (TIEHorizontalFlow) and circular flow (TIECircularFlow) or any user custom animation classes.


Demo  Demos\Display\MviewFlow\MViewFlow.dpr
Demo  Demos\Display\ManualFlow\ManualFlow.dpr


ImageEnMView1.Animation := TIEHorizontalFlow.Create();

Methods and Properties

Public Method  DoGetImage
Public Method  DoGetImageInfo
Public Method  DoReleaseImage
Public Method  drawImage virtual
Public Method  PaintScrollBar
Public Method  PaintText
Public Method  SetEndValues virtual
Public Method  SetInitialValues virtual
Public Method  SetStartEndValues
Public Method  SetStartValues virtual

Public Method  constructor Create
Public Method  destructor Destroy

Public Property  AnimDuration
Public Property  CurrentImage
Public Property  BorderPen
Public Property  Depth
Public Method  DeleteImage
Public Method  Display virtual abstract
Public Method  FindImageAt
Public Property  Font
Public Property  FramesZoomFilter
Public Property  ImageCount
Public Property  Images
Public Method  InsertImage
Public Method  IsInsideScrollbar
Public Method  IsInsideScrollbarSlider
Public Property  LastFrameZoomFilter
Public Method  MoveScrollbarSliderTo
Public Property  NeedRefresh
Public Method  RestartAnimation
Public Method  SetupEvents
Public Property  ShadowAlphaMax
Public Property  ShadowAlphaMin
Public Property  ShowBorder
Public Property  ShowScrollbar
Public Property  ShowText
Public Property  ViewHeight
Public Property  ViewWidth