ImageEn, unit iexBitmaps




property Location: TIELocation;


Specifies how the image is stored (e.g. in memory).
Value Description
ieMemory Uses standard memory. Canvas not available. Used for fast and smaller images
ieFile Uses memory mapped files. Canvas not available. Used for very large images
ieTBitmap Uses TBitmap VCL object. Canvas available. Used for drawing and compatibility. Location can be assigned before or after Allocate. Assigning Location on a existing image it converts the image to new location

Note: Some methods, such as accessing the VCL canvas or VCL Bitmap, will automatically change the Location to ieTBitmap.

Default: ieMemory if sufficient memory is available, otherwise ieFile


// Optimize TImageEnView to handle very large images
ImageEnView1.LegacyBitmap := False;
ImageEnView1.IEBitmap.Location := ieFile;

See Also

- MinFileSize