ImageEn, unit iexUserInteractions




property BrushStep: Integer;


Specifies a mandatory distance between each paint operation (i.e. space out the brush applications).
There are two modes:
Mode Description
Snap to Grid If positive values are specified, brush steps will be automatically aligned to an invisible grid over the image, e.g. for BrushStep = 100, the brush will be painted at (100,100), (200,100), (300,100), (100,200), etc.
Minimum Distance If negative values are specified, brush will be painted a minimum distance from the previous paint, e.g. for brush = -100, if the user paints at (50,25) and drags, the next paint might be at (150,25), then (250,25), etc.

Default: 0


// Paint with chequered pattern spacing (each painted block is 20 pixels from the next)
// Note: If PaintMode = iepmContinuous, it will be treated as iepmDiscrete
ImageEnView1.BrushTool.BrushStep := 50;
ImageEnView1.BrushTool.BrushSize := 30;
ImageEnView1.BrushTool.BrushShape := iecsRectangle;
ImageEnView1.MouseInteractGeneral := [ miBrushTool ];

// Paint with minimum distance of 50 pixels (between centers)
ImageEnView1.BrushTool.BrushStep := -50;
ImageEnView1.BrushTool.BrushSize := 70;
ImageEnView1.BrushTool.BrushShape := iecsCircle;
ImageEnView1.MouseInteractGeneral := [ miBrushTool ];