ImageEn, unit iexColorCurve



TIEColorCurve = class(TCustomControl);


Component to display a histogram of colors within an image and allow manipulation using a color curve.
Generally a TIEColorCurve will be attached to a TImageEnView component to display a preview of the current curve (by setting PreviewImageEnView).

The following actions are available when editing a color curve:
 Left-click outside the curve to add a new curve point
 Left-click on a curve point to drag it to a new position
 Right-click on a curve point to remove it

 Color curve editing is also available to the user in the Image Processing dialog
 The pixel format of the image should be ie24RGB


Demo  Demos\ImageEditing\ColorCurve\ColorCurve.dpr


// Display a form that allows manipulation of the colors of an image

// Assign our image to the color component
dlgCurve2.IEColorCurve1.AssignSource( ImageEnView1.IEBitmap );

// Show form, and if user clicks OK assign that curve to our image
if dlgCurve2.ShowModal = mrOK then
  dlgCurve2.IEColorCurve1.ApplyCurve( ImageEnView1.IEBitmap );

Methods and Properties

Public Method  ApplyCurve
Public Method  AssignSource
Public Method  Clear
Published Property  Channel
Public Property  CurveChanged
Public Property  CurveSpecified
Published Property  ErrorAction
Published Property  PreviewImageEnView
Published Property  PreviewFullSize
Public Method  ResetAllCurves
Public Method  ResetChannelCurve
Public Method  Update

Published Property  BackgroundColor
Published Property  BorderColor
Published Property  Color
Published Property  CurveColor
Published Property  DisplayOptions
Published Property  FrameColor
Published Property  GuidelineColor
Published Property  HistogramHeight
Published Property  Margin
Published Property  ParentColor
Published Property  PointColor
Published Property  PointFill
Published Property  PointShape
Published Property  PointSize
Published Property  SightColor

Curve Editing
Public Method  AddCurvePoint
Public Method  DeleteCurvePoint
Published Property  EditingOptions
Public Method  GetCurvePoint
Public Method  GetCurvePointCount
Public Method  LoadCurveFromFile
Public Method  ReadCurveFromStr
Public Method  SaveCurveToFile
Public Method  WriteCurveToStr


Event  OnChange
Event  OnCurveEdit