ImageEn, unit iexDBBitmaps




property Mode: TIEDBMultiMode;


The mode of the multi-bitmap, either loading all images in the database, or just multiple frames of the image at the cursor.

Value Description
dmAllRecords Images are loaded into the multi-bitmap from all records in the database, i.e. a thumbnail view of the database
dmRecordFrames Only the image at the current database position is shown. If it has multiple frames (e.g. GIF or TIFF) then all frames are shown

Default: dmAllRecords


// Display image at the current position of the database table (which may be an image with multiple frames, like a TIFF)
fDBMBitmap := TIEDBMultiBitmap.create();
fDBMBitmap.DataSource := DataSource1;
fDBMBitmap.ImageBlobField := 'ImageBlob';
fDBMBitmap.Mode := dmRecordFrames;
ImageEnMView1.SetExternalMBitmap( fDBMBitmap );