ImageEn, unit hyiedefs



TIEDefaultFolder = (iedfNone, iedfDesktop, iedfDrives, iedfRootDir, iedfMyDocuments, iedfMyPictures, iedfMyVideos, iedfDevices, iedfAppExe, iedfSpecified);


Value Description
iedfNone The control is blank on start-up
iedfDesktop The Windows Desktop is shown
iedfDrives "This PC" is shown (listing all drives on the system)
iedfRootDir The drive containing Windows is shown (usually C:\)
iedfMyDocuments The user's "Documents" folder is shown
iedfMyPictures The user's "Pictures" folder is shown
iedfMyVideos The user's "Videos" folder is shown
iedfDevices Shows any connected devices on the PC
iedfAppExe The path of the application is shown
iedfSpecified The specified default path is shown (e.g. Folder)

Example of iedfDrives: