ImageEn, unit iexBitmaps




procedure SetTagString(Group, Element: Word; Value: AnsiString; ReplaceIfExist: Boolean = True);


Adds or replaces a string tag.
If the tag does not exist, it will be added. If the tag already exists it will be overwritten if ReplaceIfExist is true, or a second instance of the tag added if ReplaceIfExist = False.
Supported tag types: dvCS, dvAS, dvAE, dvDA, dvDS, dvDT, dvIS, dvLO, dvLT, dvPN, dvSH, dvST, dvTM, dvUI, dvUT

Note: An exception is raised if the tag does not support a string value.


// Add a "Patient Name" tag to the current Dicom file (or replace tag if it already exists)
ImageEnView1.IO.Params.DICOM_Tags.SetTagString( $0010, $0010, 'Joe Bloggs' );