ImageEn, unit ieds



TIEDirectShow = class;


Provides access to DirectShow features, such as video capture, audio capture, multimedia files capture as well video rendering, and multimedia file writing.
It is generally accessed via TImageEnView.IO.DShowParams.



Demo  Demos\VideoCapture\DirectShow1\DShow.dpr
Demo  Demos\VideoCapture\DirectShow2\DShowCap.dpr
Demo  Demos\VideoCapture\VideoEffects\VideoEffects.dpr
Demo  Demos\Display\VideoPlayer\VideoPlayer.dpr


// Read from a multimedia file, and save with another compression

ImageEnView1.IO.DShowParams.FileInput := 'input.avi';
ImageEnView1.IO.DShowParams.FileOutput := 'output.avi';
ImageEnView1.IO.DShowParams.SetVideoCodec( ... );
ImageEnView1.IO.DShowParams.SetAudioCodec( ... );

ImageEnView1.IO.DShowParams.EnableSampleGrabber := True;

Methods and Properties

Public Property  AudioCodecs
Public Property  AudioInputs
Public Method  BufferToTIEBitmap
Public Property  CaptureMode
Public Property  ClockErrorTolerance
Public Method  Connect
Public Property  Connected
Public Method  ConvertTimeFormat
Public Method  Disconnect
Public Property  Duration
Public Method  DVDActivateButton
Public Method  DVDGetProperty
Public Property  DVDInputPath
Public Method  DVDPlayAdvanced
Public Method  DVDPlayAt
Public Method  DVDSelectAt
Public Method  DVDShowMenu
Public Property  EnableSampleGrabber
Public Property  EndOfStream
Public Method  FileInput
Public Property  FileOutput
Public Property  GetAverageTimePerFrame
Public Method  GetCurrentVideoFormat
Public Method  GetEventCode
Public Method  GetSample
Public Method  GetSupportedTVStandards
Public Method  GetVideoRenderNativeSize
Public Method  GetVideoRenderRect
Public Property  GraphBuilder
Public Property  NotifyWindow
Public Method  Pause
Public Property  Position
Public Property  Rate
Public Property  ReferenceClock
Public Property  RenderAudio
Public Property  RenderVideo
Public Method  RepaintVideo
Public Method  Refresh
Public Method  Run
Public Method  SaveGraph
Public Method  SetAudioCodec
Public Method  SetAudioInput
Public Method  SetCurrentVideoFormat
Public Method  SetNotifyWindow
Public Method  SetTVStandard
Public Method  SetVCRHorizontalLocking
Public Method  SetVideoCodec
Public Method  SetVideoInput
Public Method  SetVideoRenderRect
Public Method  ShowPropertyPages
Public Method  State
Public Method  Step
Public Method  Stop
Public Property  TimeFormat
Public Property  TunerChannel
Public Method  TunerFindSignal
Public Property  VideoCodecQuality
Public Property  VideoCodecs
Public Property  VideoFormats
Public Property  VideoFormatsCount
Public Property  VideoInputs
Public Property  VideoInputSource
Public Property  VideoInputSources