ImageEn, unit imageenview



TIEDisplayOptions = Set of (iedoDisableAutoFitWhenZoom,


Value Description
iedoDisableAutoFitWhenZoom When AutoShrink or AutoStretch is enabled, Zoom, miSelectZoom, miZoom, miSmoothZoom and miDblClickZoom have only a temporary effect. Enabling this item, will automatically disable AutoShrink and AutoStretch when another zoom option is applied (e.g. user selects a zoom or Zoom is set). It also automatically updates the zoom when changing the value of AutoShrink or AutoStretch
iedoMaintainAROnZoomSelect MouseInteractGeneral contains miSelectZoom, this option specifies whether the selection rectangle is adjusted to maintain the aspect ratio. If not enabled, the image loses the aspect ratio (ZoomX <> ZoomY and Zoom is invalid) making the image appear abnormally stretched
iedoPaintWhenOffScreen When the component is not visible (i.e. Visible=False) the back buffer BackBuffer is not painted.
If you need the back buffer to be painted correctly, enable iedoOffScreenPaint


// Allow zooming by selecting the image
ImageEnView1.MouseInteractGeneral := [ miSelectZoom ];
ImageEnView1.DisplayOptions := ImageEnView1.DisplayOptions + [iedoDisableAutoFitWhenZoom];