ImageEn, unit iexBitmaps



TIEFileFormatInfo = class
    FileType : TIOFileType;
    FullName : string;
    Extensions : string;
    InternalFormat : boolean;
    DialogPage : TPreviewParams;
    ReadFunction : TIEReadImageStream;
    WriteFunction : TIEWriteImageStream;
    TryFunction : TIETryImageStream;

    property SuitableExtension : string;


Value Description
FileType The file type class, e.g. ioJPEG
FullName A description of the file type, e.g. 'JPEG Bitmap'
Extensions All extensions of this format WITHOUT the period, e.g. 'jpg;jpeg;jpe'
SuitableExtension A single extension that is suitable for this format WITHOUT the period, e.g. 'jpeg' (Read-only property)
InternalFormat True for native ImageEn formats, false for custom formats
DialogPage The page that is used to display properties for this type in DoPreviews
ReadFunction The function used for reading this file type (nil if it cannot be read)
WriteFunction The function used for saving this file type (nil if it is read-only)
TryFunction The function used to determine if a file is of this type (used only when ImageEn is checking for the image type without considering its file extension)