ImageEn, unit iexWindowsFunctions



TIEFileOperationOptions = set of (ieioShowConfirmation, ieioShowProgress, ieioVerboseErrors, ieioSendToRecycleBin, ieioRenameOnCollision);


Value Description
ieioShowConfirmation A confirmation dialog is displayed to confirm file operations. Otherwise it automatically responds with "Yes to All" for any dialog box
ieioShowProgress Displays the standard Windows progress dialog. Otherwise it is silent
ieioVerboseErrors Displays an error message if a failure occurs. Otherwise failures are not reported
ieioSendToRecycleBin Files are moved to the Recycle Bin rather than deleted
ieioRenameOnCollision If a file already exists in the destination folder when moving or copying a new name will be given to the current file

Default: [ieioShowConfirmation, ieioShowProgress, ieioVerboseErrors, ieioSendToRecycleBin]