ImageEn, unit hyiedefs



TIEFontQuality = (iefqAntialiased, iefqClearType, iefqClearTypeNatural, iefqDefault, iefqDraft, iefqNonAntialiased, iefqProof);


Value Description
iefqAntialiased Font is always antialiased if the font supports it and the size of the font is not too small or too large.
iefqClearType If set, text is rendered (when possible) using ClearType antialiasing method (XP/Vista Only)
iefqClearNatural Undocumented.
iefqDefault Appearance of the font does not matter.
iefqDraft Appearance of the font is less important than when iefqProof is used.
iefqNonAntialiased Font is never antialiased.
iefqProof Character quality of the font is more important than exact matching of the logical-font attributes.