ImageEn, unit iesettings




property WICFileTypes: string;


Lists the file extensions that can be loaded using Windows Imaging Component.
The formats supported by WIC may change, and formats such as HEIF and WEBP can be added by downloading extensions from the Microsoft Store.
You don't actually need to specify these types, as ImageEn can detect support by analyzing the file, but specifying the extensions will make ImageEn default to WIC for specific extensions.
Format WICFileTypes as follows: '*.abc;*.def;*.ghi'

Specify '-' to disable detection of WIC supported file formats (i.e. ImageEn will not be able to load ioDDS, ioHEIF, ioWEBP or ioWIC except by format specific methods, such as LoadFromFileWIC).

More Info:

Note: WDP/JXR, DDS and HEIF files are automatically supported by ImageEn (using WIC), you do not need to add them to WICFileTypes

Default: ''


// Add SGI support to WIC loading (assumes you have a SGI codec installed)
IEGlobalSettings().WICFileTypes := '*.sgi';
ImageEnView1.IO.LoadFromFile( 'D:\Image.sgi' );

// Prevent ImageEn from using WIC to load files
IEGlobalSettings().WICFileTypes := '-';

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