ImageEn, unit iesettings




property LayerCurveQuality: Integer;


Specifies the number of points to use when drawing curves. LayerCurveQuality represents Degrees/point, e.g. if LayerCurveQuality = 4, then for a 180 deg. curve 45 points will be used.

LayerCurveQuality is used:
- When drawing shapes of a TIEShapeLayer, or text boxes for a TIETextLayer or TIELineLayer
- When adding curves to a TIEPolylineLayer by user interaction with mlEditLayerPoints
- When setting a Curve for a TIELineLayer
- When assigning a shape as points for a TIEPolylineLayer
- When adding a shape to a PDF document
- When using some transition effects, such as iettHeartWipeOut
- When using global methods: IECreateShapeRegion, IEDrawShape, IEDrawShapeToComboListBoxItem, CreateWallpaperBitmap, TileBitmapOntoCanvas

Default: 4


// Maximum quality for layer curves (1 point used for every degree of a curve)
IEGlobalSettings().LayerCurveQuality := 1;

// Reduced quality for layer curves to improve performance (36 points used to draw an ellipse, for example)
IEGlobalSettings().LayerCurveQuality := 10;