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MemoShortCuts: TIEMemoShortCuts;


Contains all key shortcuts used in Memo objects. Defaults are:

    MemoShortCuts[iesLEFTALIGN] := ShortCut(Word('L'), [ssCtrl]);
    MemoShortCuts[iesCENTERALIGN] := ShortCut(Word('E'), [ssCtrl]);
    MemoShortCuts[iesRIGHTALIGN] := ShortCut(Word('R'), [ssCtrl]);
    MemoShortCuts[iesJUSTIFIED] := ShortCut(Word('J'), [ssCtrl]);
    MemoShortCuts[iesCOPY] := ShortCut(Word('C'), [ssCtrl]);
    MemoShortCuts[iesCUT] := ShortCut(Word('X'), [ssCtrl]);
    MemoShortCuts[iesPASTE] := ShortCut(Word('V'), [ssCtrl]);
    MemoShortCuts[iesFONTSELECT] := ShortCut(Word('F'), [ssCtrl]);
    MemoShortCuts[iesBOLD] := ShortCut(Word('B'), [ssCtrl]);
    MemoShortCuts[iesITALIC] := ShortCut(Word('I'), [ssCtrl]);
    MemoShortCuts[iesUNDERLINE] := ShortCut(Word('U'), [ssCtrl]);
    MemoShortCuts[iesBACKCOLORSELECT] := ShortCut(Word('G'), [ssCtrl]);

Change one of above lines to set your custom short cut.

The following table specifies the default key map:
Shortcut Function
F2 Increase font size
F1 Decrease font size
CTRL - L Left align
CTRL - E Center align
CTRL - R Right align
CTRL - J Justified
CTRL - C Copy
CTRL - X Cut
CTRL - V Paste
CTRL - F Open font dialog
CTRL - B Bold
CTRL - I Italic
CTRL - U Underline
CTRL - G Set background color (open dialog)