ImageEn, unit iesettings




property PolygonAutoCloseDistance: Integer;


Specifies the minimum distance (pixels within the client view) between the start and end point to auto-close a polygon selection or polyline layer.

This property is used:
- When selecting polygons (i.e. miSelectPolygon specified for MouseInteractGeneral) and iesoAutoTerminatePolySelect has enabled.
- When creating or editing layer points (e.g. mlClickCreatePolylineLayers, mlDrawCreatePolylineLayers or mlEditLayerPoints specified for MouseInteractLayers) and iecmOnNearFinish is set for LayersAutoClosePolylines.

Note: This value specifies screen pixels, e.g. 10 pixel distance as viewed on the screen. Not pixels of the bitmap (e.g. if zoom is 33% then 10 screen pixels would be 30 bitmap pixels)

Default: 10


// Auto-close polygon selection with wide click area
IEGlobalSettings().PolygonAutoCloseDistance := 20;
ImageEnView1.SelectionOptions := ImageEnView1.SelectionOptions + [ iesoAutoTerminatePolySelect ];
ImageEnView1.MouseInteractGeneral := [ miSelectPolygon ];

See Also

- MouseInteractGeneral
- MouseInteractLayers
- SelectionOptions
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