ImageEn, unit iesettings




property WordTransitionParams: TIEWordTransitionParams;


Properties for customizing the "Word" transition effects:

- iettRandomBoxesWithWord
- iettRandomWord *
- iettExpandingWord *
- iettWordWipeOut *
- iettWordWipeIn *
- iettWordWipeInAndOut *
- iettWordHalfSweep
- iettWordFullSweep
- iettWordFullExpandingSweep

Property Description Default
Word The text that is displayed during the transition. It can be a single character, e.g. a letter or a symbol from Wingdings, or a whole word 'A'
FontName The font to use to display the text, e.g. "Arial" or "Wingdings". Ensure you specify a font that is available on the destination system 'Arial'
Style The style that is used to display the text, can include fsBold, fsItalic, fsUnderline and/or fsStrikeOut [fsBold]
Quality The smoothness of the text. The value specifies the height in pixels of the bitmap used to create each letter. A high value will give performance issues on some systems, whereas a low value will give the letter a blocky appearance (Practical range is 20 - 2000) 200

Note: Effects with an asterisk will cycle through each specified letter, displaying one at a time. If you wish to display a whole (only a short one is recommended) then enclose it in quotations, e.g. "HI!"
Other effects will always display the full word.


// Set properties for Word transition
IEGlobalSettings().WordTransitionParams.Word := 'BLAM';
IEGlobalSettings().WordTransitionParams.FontName := 'Arial';
IEGlobalSettings().WordTransitionParams.Style := [fsBold];

// Prepare ImageEnView1 for a transition (e.g. so loading the image will not immediately update the display)

// Load the next image GetNextImage() );

// Run the transition
ImageEnView1.RunTransition( iettRandomBoxesWithWord, 1000 );

// Display snowflakes in random positions
IEGlobalSettings().WordTransitionParams.Word := 'T'; // Snowflake in the Wingdings font
IEGlobalSettings().WordTransitionParams.FontName := 'Wingdings';
IEGlobalSettings().WordTransitionParams.Style := [fsBold];

ImageEnView1.IO.LoadFromFile( GetNextImage() );
ImageEnView1.RunTransition(iettRandomWord, 2000);

// Transition, showing each letter of the word "ImageEn" in turn
IEGlobalSettings().WordTransitionParams.Word := 'ImageEn';
ImageEnView1.IO.LoadFromFile( GetNextImage() );
ImageEnView1.RunTransition(iettWordWipeInAndOut, 5000);

// Transition wiping the screen with the word "GO!"
IEGlobalSettings().WordTransitionParams.Word := '"GO!"'; // Enclose in quotes to avoid cyling. Small words are best
ImageEnView1.IO.LoadFromFile(GetNextImage() );
ImageEnView1.RunTransition(iettWordWipeInAndOut, 5000);