ImageEn, unit iexBitmaps




procedure ResampleAll(NewWidth, NewHeight: integer; FilterType: TResampleFilter = rfNone; MaintainAspectRatio : Boolean = False; ShrinkOnly : Boolean = False); overload;
procedure ResampleAll(ScaleBy: Double; FilterType: TResampleFilter = rfNone); overload;


Resizes (all frames of) the current image. The content of the image changes (stretched to new size).

Overload 1
Parameter Description
NewWidth, NewHeight New dimensions of the image
FilterType Resampling interpolation algorithm (quality)
MaintainAspectRatio Automatically reduces NewWidth or NewHeight to ensure the original proportions of the image are maintained
ShrinkOnly If true and the new dimensions would enlarge the image, the resampling as skipped

Overload 2
Parameter Description
ScaleBy The amount to scale all images. E.g. 0.5 would halve the size of all images while respecting the proportions
FilterType Resampling interpolation algorithm (quality)


// Halve the size of all images in a TImageEnMView with high quality smoothing
ImageEnMView1.IEMBitmap.ResampleAll( 0.5, rfLanczos3 );

// Set the size of the all images in a TImageEnMView to a maximum of 1000,1000 (maintaining aspect ratio, and not enlarging small images)
ImageEnMView1.IEMBitmap.Resample( 1000, 1000, rfLanczos3, True, True );

// Quarter the size of all images in a TIFF file with fast but good quality smoothing
MBitmap := TIEMultiBitmap.create;
MBitmap.Read( 'D:\Doc.Tiff' );
MBitmap.ResampleAll( 0.25, rfFastLinear );
MBitmap.Write( 'D:\Doc.Tiff' );