ImageEn, unit iexUserInteractions




property ShowAllPages: Boolean;


Displays all pages of the PDF has a long vertical strip.
When ShowAllPages = False (Default), only a single page is displayed at a time, and the user must click the buttons to navigate between buttons.
If you enable ShowAllPages the user can navigate the entire document as if it were a tall image.

 The spacing between pages is specified by PageSpacing
 A border is drawn around each page of the color, PageFrameColor. Optionally, you can specify a color for the active page using SelPageFrameColor.
 Image selection (miPdfSelectRgn) and object editing (miPdfSelectObject) are not available when using ShowAllPages
 When ShowAllPages is enabled, only the following mouse interations will be available: miPdfSelectText, miScroll, miZoom, miSmoothZoom, miDblClickZoom, miMovingScroll
 To display a particular page when showing all pages, use ScrollToPage

Default: False


Demo  Demos\Other\PdfViewer\PdfViewer.dpr


// Display all pages of the document
ImageEnView1.PdfViewer.ShowAllPages := True;