ImageEn, unit iexUserInteractions




property PageSpacing: Integer;


Specifies the spacing between the pages when the document is displayed in "All Pages" mode.

PageSpacing Description
0 No spacing or border between pages
1 A single line is drawn between pages (as wide as the control) of the color, PageFrameColor
>1 Spacing of the specified width is included between pages

Default: 12


// No spacing or border between pages
ImageEnView1.PdfViewer.PageSpacing := 0;

// Black line at the end of each page
ImageEnView1.PdfViewer.PageSpacing := 1;
ImageEnView1.PdfViewer.PageFrameColor := clBlack;

// 30 pixel space between each page
ImageEnView1.PdfViewer.PageSpacing := 30;

// Red line around selected page (PageSpacing must be >1)
ImageEnView1.PdfViewer.PageSpacing := 10;
ImageEnView1.PdfViewer.SelPageFrameColor := clRed;