ImageEn, unit iexLayers




property FillGradient: TIEGDIPlusGradient;


The direction of the gradient used for the text box fill.
If FillColor is different from FillColor2 the text box is filled with a gradient. FillGradient specifies the direction.
To disable the gradient set the FillColor2 to clNone, or FillGradient to gpgNone.

Default: gpgVertical


// Add a red/blue horizontal gradient
TIETextLayer( ImageEnView1.CurrentLayer ).FillColor := clRed;
TIETextLayer( ImageEnView1.CurrentLayer ).FillColor2 := clBlue;
TIETextLayer( ImageEnView1.CurrentLayer ).FillGradient := gpgHorizontal;

Compatibility Information

Prior to v10.0.0, Layer Gradients were of type TIELayerGradient. All gradients are now type TIEGDIPlusGradient.
Conversions are as follows: grdNone -> gpgNone, grdHorizontal -> gpgHorizontal, grdVertical -> gpgVertical, grdHorzCenter -> gpgHorzCenter, grdVertCenter -> gpgVertCenter, grdDiagonal -> gpgDiagonal, grdDiagonal2 -> gpgDiagonal2, grdDiagCentered -> gpgDiagCenter, grdDiagCentered2 -> gpgDiagCenter2
Note: Items of TIEGDIPlusGradient do not have the same indexes as TIELayerGradient.

// cmbGradient contains items: None, Horizontal, Vertical, Horz Center...

// <= v9.3.1
if cmbGradient.ItemIndex = 0 then
  lyr.FillGradient := gpgNone
  lyr.FillGradient := TIELayerGradient( cmbGradient.ItemIndex - 1 );

// v10.0.0
lyr.FillGradient := TIEGDIPlusGradient( cmbGradient.ItemIndex );

See Also

- TIELayer.FillGradient
- FillColor
- FillColor2
- FillOpacity