ImageEn, unit ieview




property MouseWheelParams: TIEMouseWheelParams;


MouseWheelParams and MouseWheelParamsAlt allow you to customize the behavior of the mouse wheel. MouseWheelParams is used to specify the default mouse wheel behaviour, whereas MouseWheelParamsAlt is used when the Ctrl key is pressed.

Note: If MouseWheelParamsAlt is iemwNone, then it has the same effect as MouseWheelParams

TImageEnView Defaults
Action: iemwNone
ZoomPosition: iemwCenter
Variation: iemwPercentage
Value: 8
InvertDirection: False

TImageEnMView Defaults
Action: iemwZoom
Variation: iemwPercentage
Value: 8
InvertDirection: False


Demo  Demos\Other\MouseWheel\MouseWheelParams.dpr
Demo  Demos\Multi\MView_AttachedViewer\MViewPreview.dpr

ImageEnView Example

// Attach a TImageEnView to a TImageEnFolderMView and allow navigation by buttons on the TImageEnView. Mouse wheel will either zoom or navigate depending on Ctrl key
IEFolderMView1.AttachedImageEnView := ImageEnView1;
ImageEnView1.ShowButtons := [ iebtPrevious, iebtNext ];
ImageEnView1.MouseWheelParams.Action := iemwZoom;
ImageEnView1.MouseWheelParamsAlt.Action := iemwNavigate;
ImageEnMView1.MouseWheelParams.Action := iemwNavigate;

ImageEnMView Example

// Explorer like behavior. Mouse wheel scrolls the control and Ctrl + Mouse wheel changes the thumbnail view
ImageEnMView1.MouseWheelParams.Action := iemwVScroll;
ImageEnMView1.MouseWheelParamsAlt.Action := iemwZoomView;

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