ImageEn, unit iexVirtualBitmaps




procedure Render(Container: TIEBitmap; DestBitmap: TIEBitmap; DestWidth: integer; DestHeight: integer; DestX1, DestY1, DestX2, DestY2: integer; SrcCols, SrcRows: PInteger; Transparency: integer; RenderOperation: TIERenderOperation; Opacity: double); virtual; abstract;


Renders a set of pixels to the specified rectangle.

Parameter Description
Container TIEBitmap object that owns this object
DestBitmap Destination TIEBitmap
DestWidth Destination width
DestHeight Destination height
DestX1 Starting column of destination rectangle
DestY1 Starting row of destination rectangle
DestX2 Ending column of destination rectangle
DestY2 Ending row of destination rectangle
SrcCols Array of source columns (has DestX2-DestX1+1 items)
SrcRows Array of source rows (has DestY2-DestY1+1 items)
Transparency Rendering transparency (0=transparent, 255=opaque)
RenderOperation Rendering operation to perform
Opacity Rendering opacity (0=transparent, 1.0=opaque)

Opacity vs Transparency

Both the Opacity and Transparency parameters provide the same functionality. Transparency is the traditional ImageEn value, whereas Opacity provides easier PSD compatibility.
While they can be used in combination, generally only one will be used, i.e. leave Opacity=1 and make use of transparency, or alternatively, leave Transparency=255 and make use of Opacity. For example, for 50% opacity: Transparency = 255 and Opacity = 0.5, or Transparency = 128 and Opacity = 1.0