ImageEn, unit ievision




procedure setThreshold(minThreshold: double; maxThreshold: double; thresholdStep: double); safecall;


The main image is converted to several binary images. Each binary image is produced from color or gray scale image applying minThreshold up to maxThreshold, in steps of thresholdStep.
For example, setting minThreshold = 100, maxThreshold = 150 and thresholdStep = 10, then 5 binary images are produced with threshold of 100, 110, 120, 130 and 140.
Blobs are then searched inside these binary images.
Valid values are 0 to 255.

Parameter Description
minThreshold Starting threshold (default: 50)
maxThreshold Ending threshold, non inclusive (default: 220)
thresholdStep Threshold increments (default: 10)