ImageEn, unit ievision




function detectObjects(image: TIEVisionImage; scaleFactor: double; minNeighbors: int32_t; flags: TIEVisionHaarDetectObjectsFlags; minSize: TIEVisionSize; maxSize: TIEVisionSize): TIEVisionVectorRect; safecall;


Detect objects of different sizes in the input image. The detected objects are returned as a list of rectangles.

Parameter Description
image Image where to find the objects
scaleFactor Parameter specifying how much the image size is reduced at each image scale
minNeighbors Parameter specifying how many neighbors each candiate rectangle should have to retain it
flags Detection flags
minSize Minimum possible object size. Objects smaller than that are ignored
maxSize Maximum possible object size. Objects larger than that are ignored


Demo  Demos\IEVision\FaceDetection\FaceDetection.dpr
Demo  Demos\IEVision\FaceDetection_LowLevel\FaceDetection_LowLevel.dpr
Demo  Demos\IEVision\GetFaces\GetFaces.dpr
Demo  Demos\IEVision\NumberPlateBlurring\GetPlate.dpr
Demo  Demos\IEVision\TrackObjects\TrackObjects.dpr
Demo  Demos\IEVision\TrackObjects_LowLevel\TrackObjects_LowLevel.dpr

Note: You can draw the rects to a canvas using DrawRects