ImageEn, unit ievision




procedure filter2D(dst: TIEVisionImage; kernel: TIEVisionImage; anchor: TIEVisionPoint); overload; safecall;
procedure filter2D(kernel: TIEVisionImage; anchor: TIEVisionPoint); overload; safecall;


Convolve an image with the kernel.
First overload places the result into destination object.
Second overload updates the current image.

Parameter Description
dst Container for the destination image
kernel Convolution kernel (or rather a correlation kernel), a single-channel floating point matrix. To apply different kernels to different channels, split the image into separate color planes using splitPlanes and process them individually
anchor Anchor of the kernel that indicates the relative position of a filtered point within the kernel. The anchor should lie within the kernel. The special default value (-1, -1) means that the anchor is at the kernel center

Note: You can use assignIEVisionImage to reflect this methods changes in the associated bitmap