ImageEn, unit iexBitmaps




property IPTC_Photoshop[FieldID: Integer]: string;


Read or write a Photoshop compatible IPTC field.

Note: This is the same as calling Params.ReadIPTCField(PhotoShop_IPTC_Records, FieldID) or Params.WriteIPTCField(PhotoShop_IPTC_Records, FieldID, Value)

Acceptable values for FieldID:
Const Description
IPTC_PS_Title (5) Object name
IPTC_PS_Edit_Status (7) Edit status
IPTC_PS_Urgency (10) Urgency
IPTC_PS_Category (15) Category
IPTC_PS_Category_2 (20) Supplemental Category
IPTC_PS_Fixture_Identifier (22) Fixture Identifier
IPTC_PS_Keywords (25) Keywords
IPTC_PS_Release_Date (30) Release Date
IPTC_PS_Release_Time (35) Release Time
IPTC_PS_Instructions (40) Special Instructions
IPTC_PS_Reference_Service (45) Reference Service
IPTC_PS_Reference_Date (47) Reference Date
IPTC_PS_Reference_Number (50) Reference Number
IPTC_PS_Date_Created (55) Date Created
IPTC_PS_Time_Created (60) Time Created
IPTC_PS_Originating_Program (65) Originating Program
IPTC_PS_Program_Version (70) Program Version
IPTC_PS_Object_Cycle (75) Object Cycle
IPTC_PS_Byline_1 (80) By-line
IPTC_PS_Byline_2 (85) By-line Title
IPTC_PS_City (90) City
IPTC_PS_State_Province (95) Province/State
IPTC_PS_Country_Code (100) Country/Primary Location Code
IPTC_PS_Country (101) Country/Primary Location Name
IPTC_PS_Transmission_Reference (103) Original Transmission Reference
IPTC_PS_Credit (110) Credit
IPTC_PS_Source (115) Source
IPTC_PS_Copyright_Notice (116) Copyright Notice
IPTC_PS_Caption (120) Caption/Abstract
IPTC_PS_Writer (122) Writer/Editor
IPTC_PS_Image_Type (130) Image Type

- IPTC_PS_Keywords is stored with multiple instances. This will be returned as a comma-separated string, and can be set as a comma-separated or Linebreak-delimited string (or use the overloaded version of WriteIPTCField)
- IPTC_PS_Caption can contain linebreaks
- All fields have maximum lengths


Demo  Demos\InputOutput\IPTC\IPTC.dpr


// Read the image description (written by PhotoShop)
Caption := ImageEnView1.IO.Params.IPTC_Photoshop[IPTC_PS_Caption];

// Write the image description (without resaving JPEG image)
ImageEnView1.IO.Params.IPTC_Photoshop[IPTC_PS_Caption] := 'This is the new caption';

// Write keywords
ImageEnView1.IO.Params.IPTC_Photoshop[IPTC_PS_Keywords] := Listbox1.Text;

See Also

- IPTC_Info
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