ImageEn, unit iexBitmaps




property SamplesPerPixel: integer;


Specifies the Samples (channels) for each pixel.
Allowed values:
Parameter Description
1 Single channel, color-mapped or gray scale image
3 Three channels, RGB or CIELab
4 Four channels, CMYK or BGRA

Default: 3

 Setting SamplesPerPixel only updates the meta-data. Use a method like ConvertTo to reduce the color palette of the image.
 If AutoSetBitDepth is enabled, then setting PixelFormat will automatically update SamplesPerPixel and BitsPerSample
 If you are using a TIEMultiBitmap or TImageEnMView, you can use DuplicateCompressionInfo to propogate the parameter to all frames

BitsPerSample and SamplesPerPixel

SamplesPerPixel specifies the number of channels within an image, for example a gray-scale image has 1 channel, whereas a full color (RGB) image typically has three three channels, or four for some formats containing alpha transparency. BitsPerSample specifies the amount of depth within each sample. A gray-scale with 256 levels of gray has SamplesPerPixel=1 and BitsPerSample=8 (2^8 = 256), whereas a monochrome image has SamplesPerPixel=1 and BitsPerSample=1. A full color JPEG has SamplesPerPixel=3 and BitsPerSample=8. Indexed/mapped color formats, such as GIF, will have one channel (SamplesPerPixel=1).
Bits per Pixel = SamplesPerPixel * BitsPerSample.

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// Save 256 color mapped bitmap
ImageEnView1.IO.Params.BitsPerSample := 8;
ImageEnView1.IO.Params.SamplesPerPixel := 1;

// Load a full-color image and save it as 256 color one
ImageEnView1.Proc.ConvertTo(ie8p, ieptFixedHalftone256, iedtOrdered8x8);
ImageEnView1.IO.Params.BitsPerSample := 8;
ImageEnView1.IO.Params.SamplesPerPixel := 1;

// Save 32bit gray-scale TIFF (ie32f)
// Note: Compression must be: ioTIFF_UNCOMPRESSED, ioTIFF_LZW, ioTIFF_PACKBITS or ioTIFF_ZIP
ImageEnView1.LegacyBitmap := false;
ImageEnView1.IEBitmap.PixelFormat := ie32f;
ImageEnView1.IO.Params.BitsPerSample := 32;
ImageEnView1.IO.Params.SamplesPerPixel := 1;
ImageEnView1.IO.Params.TIFF_PhotometInterpret := ioTIFF_BLACKISZERO;
ImageEnView1.IO.Params.TIFF_Compression := ioTIFF_UNCOMPRESSED;

// Save a monochrome TIFF image
ImageEnView1.IO.Params.BitsPerSample := 1;
ImageEnView1.IO.Params.SamplesPerPixel := 1;
ImageEnView1.IO.Params.TIFF_Compression := ioTIFF_G4FAX;