ImageEn, unit iexBitmaps




property TIFF_Orientation: Integer;


Specifies the orientation of the original image. ImageEn can automatically display an image with the correct orientation if EnableAdjustOrientation is True.

Value Description
_exoUnknown (0) Image does not have orientation data
_exoCorrectOrientation (1) Image is orientated correctly
_exoNeedsHorizontalFlip (2) Image is horizontally flipped
_exoNeeds180Rotate (3) Image is offset by 180
_exoNeedsVerticalFlip (4) Image is vertically flipped
_exoNeedsHorzFlipAnd90RotateCW (5) Image is horizontally flipped and offset 90 CCW
_exoNeeds90RotateCW (6) Image is offset by 90 counter-clockwise
_exoNeedsHorzFlipAnd270RotateCW (7) Image is horizontally flipped and offset 90 CW
_exoNeeds270RotateCW (8) Image is offset by 90 clockwise

 Support for orientations other than 1 is not a baseline TIFF requirement.
 If you are using a TIEMultiBitmap or TImageEnMView, you can use DuplicateCompressionInfo to propogate the parameter to all frames

Default: _exoCorrectOrientation (1)

See also: EXIF Orientation Constants