ImageEn, unit iexMetaHelpers




property EXIF_AsStr [index : Integer]: string; (read/write)


Provides an alternative way to access EXIF properties in batch situations. Each property is available as a human-readable string value, and in most cases write access is also supported.

Index is a value between 0 and _EXIF_Tag_Count - 1 and can be referred to by constants.

Const Description Writeable? Output
_EXIF_UserComment User Comment    EXIF_UserComment
_EXIF_ImageDescription Description    EXIF_ImageDescription
_EXIF_CameraMake Camera Make    EXIF_Make
_EXIF_CameraModel Camera Model    EXIF_Model
_EXIF_Resolution Resolution    EXIF_XResolution2 and EXIF_YResolution2 with unit
_EXIF_DateTime Date and Time    EXIF_DateTime2
_EXIF_DateTimeOriginal Original Date and Time    EXIF_DateTimeOriginal2
_EXIF_DateTimeDigitized Digitized Date and Time    EXIF_DateTimeDigitized2
_EXIF_Copyright Copyright    EXIF_Copyright
_EXIF_Orientation Orientation    Text description of EXIF_Orientation
_EXIF_ExposureTime Exposure Time    EXIF_ExposureTime2 seconds
_EXIF_FNumber F-Stop    EXIF_Fnumber2
_EXIF_ExposureProgram Exposure Program    Text description of EXIF_ExposureProgram
_EXIF_ISOSpeedRatings ISO Speed Rating    EXIF_ISOSpeedRatings
_EXIF_ShutterSpeedValue Shutter Speed    EXIF_ShutterSpeedValue2
_EXIF_ApertureValue Aperture Value    EXIF_ApertureValue2
_EXIF_BrightnessValue Brightness    EXIF_BrightnessValue
_EXIF_ExposureBiasValue Exposure Compensation    EXIF_ExposureBiasValue
_EXIF_MaxApertureValue Max Aperture Value    EXIF_MaxApertureValue2
_EXIF_SubjectDistance Subject Distance    EXIF_SubjectDistance m
_EXIF_MeteringMode Metering Mode    Text description of EXIF_MeteringMode
_EXIF_LightSource Lighting    Text description of EXIF_LightSource
_EXIF_Flash Flash    Text description of EXIF_Flash
_EXIF_FocalLength Focal Length    EXIF_FocalLength mm
_EXIF_FlashPixVersion FlashPix Version    EXIF_FlashPixVersion
_EXIF_ColorSpace Color Space    Text description of EXIF_ColorSpace
_EXIF_ExifImageWidth Image Width    EXIF_EXIFImageWidth
_EXIF_ExifImageHeight Image Height    EXIF_EXIFImageHeight
_EXIF_RelatedSoundFile Sound File    EXIF_RelatedSoundFile
_EXIF_FocalPlaneResolution Focal Plane Vert. Resolution    EXIF_FocalPlaneXResolution with unit
_EXIF_ExposureIndex Exposure Index    EXIF_ExposureIndex
_EXIF_SensingMethod Sensing Method    Text description of EXIF_SensingMethod
_EXIF_FileSource File Source    Text description of EXIF_FileSource
_EXIF_SceneType Scene Type    Text description of EXIF_SceneType
_EXIF_YCbCrPositioning Data Point    Text description of EXIF_YCbCrPositioning
_EXIF_ExposureMode Exposure Mode    Text description of EXIF_ExposureMode
_EXIF_WhiteBalance White Balance    Text description of EXIF_WhiteBalance
_EXIF_DigitalZoomRatio Digital Zoom Ratio    Text description of EXIF_DigitalZoomRatio
_EXIF_FocalLengthIn35mmFilm Focal Length in 35mm Film    IntToStr(EXIF_FocalLengthIn35mmFilm) mm
_EXIF_SceneCaptureType Scene Capture Type    Text description of EXIF_SceneCaptureType
_EXIF_GainControl Gain Control    Text description of EXIF_GainControl
_EXIF_Contrast Contrast    Text description of EXIF_Contrast
_EXIF_Saturation Saturation    Text description of EXIF_Saturation
_EXIF_Sharpness Sharpness    Text description of EXIF_Sharpness
_EXIF_SubjectDistanceRange Subject Distance    Text description of EXIF_SubjectDistanceRange
_EXIF_GPSLatitude GPS Latitude    EXIF_GPSLatitude_Str
_EXIF_GPSLongitude GPS Longitude    EXIF_GPSLongitude_Str
_EXIF_GPSAltitude GPS Altitude    Text description of EXIF_GPSAltitude and EXIF_GPSAltitudeRef
_EXIF_GPSImageDirection GPS Image Direction    Text description of EXIF_GPSImgDirection and EXIF_GPSImgDirectionRef
_EXIF_GPSTrack GPS Movement Direction    Text description of EXIF_GPSTrack and EXIF_GPSTrackRef
_EXIF_GPSSpeed GPS Movement Speed    Text description of EXIF_GPSSpeed and EXIF_GPSSpeedRef
_EXIF_GPSDateAndTime GPS Date and Time    EXIF_GPSDateStamp
_EXIF_GPSSatellites GPS Satellites    EXIF_GPSSatellites
_EXIF_GPSVersionID GPS Version    EXIF_GPSVersionID
_EXIF_Artist Artist    EXIF_Artist
_EXIF_XPTitle Title (Windows)    EXIF_XPTitle
_EXIF_XPComment Comment (Windows)    EXIF_XPComment
_EXIF_XPAuthor Author (Windows)    EXIF_XPAuthor
_EXIF_XPKeywords Keywords (Windows)    EXIF_XPKeywords
_EXIF_XPSubject Subject (Windows)    EXIF_XPSubject
_EXIF_XPRating Rating (Windows)    IntToStr(EXIF_XPRating)
_EXIF_InteropVersion Interoperability Version    EXIF_InteropVersion, EXIF_InteropIndex
_EXIF_CameraOwnerName Camera Owner Name    EXIF_CameraOwnerName
_EXIF_BodySerialNumber Body Serial Number    EXIF_BodySerialNumber
_EXIF_LensMake Lens Make    EXIF_LensMake
_EXIF_LensModel Lens Model    EXIF_LensModel
_EXIF_LensSerialNumber Lens Serial Number    EXIF_LensSerialNumber
_EXIF_Gamma Gamma    EXIF_Gamma
_EXIF_SubjectArea Subject Area    EXIF_SubjectArea_Str
_EXIF_SubjectLocation Subject Location    EXIF_SubjectLocation_Str
_EXIF_Software Software    EXIF_Software
_EXIF_ExifVersion Exif Version    EXIF_ExifVersion

 You must add iexMetaHelpers to your uses clause to access this property
 Delphi/C++ 2005 or newer is required


// Output all fields of current image to a memo (same as WriteTo)
for i := 0 to _EXIF_Tag_Count - 1 do
  memo1.Lines.Add( ImageEnView1.IO.Params.EXIF_FieldDescription[ i ] + ': ' + ImageEnView1.IO.Params.EXIF_AsStr[ i ] );

// Set EXIF_ShutterSpeedValue to 1/4 a second
ImageEnView1.IO.Params.EXIF_AsStr[ _EXIF_ShutterSpeedValue ] := '1/4';

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