ImageEn, unit dbimageen



TImageEnDBView is a descendant of TImageEnView, but it can be connected to a TDataset object to store/load images (BMP, PCX, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PXM and others) into Blob fields or into path reference (string) fields.
TImageEnDBView works similarly to Delphi TDBImage components.
You can specify particular file format parameters through IOParams property, or by executing the DoIOPreview method. You can attach a TImageEnProc component for processing the image contained in the Blob.

Also see methods and properties of TImageEnView.

Note: TImageEnDBView is a legacy component. You are better to use a TIEDBBitmap connected to a TImageEnView.

Methods and Properties

Public Property  AbsolutePath
Published Property  AutoDisplay
Published Property  DataField
Published Property  DataFieldImageFormat
Published Property  DataSource
Public Method  DoIOPreview
Public Property  Field
Public Property  IOParams
Published Property  IOPreviewsParams
Published Property  JpegQuality
Public Method  LoadedFieldImageFormat
Public Method  LoadPicture
Published Property  PreviewFont
Published Property  PreviewFontEnabled
Published Property  ReadOnly
Published Property  StreamHeaders
Published Property  UseMemoryStream


Event  OnUnableToLoadImage
Event  OnBeforeLoadImage