ImageEn, unit iexFolderMView




property EnableSpecialFolders: Boolean;


Whether the user can navigate up from a root to a drives display ("This PC") and from there to the "Desktop".

When false, the top level folder of TImageEnMView is a drive root (e.g. C:\).

When enabled, the folder tree is as follows:

+ Desktop
  + Drives
    + C:\
      + Folder 1 on C
      + Folder 2 on C
    + D:\
      + Folder 1 on D
      + Folder 2 on D

Example of the drives folder (IEF_Drives_Folder):

- When enabled, Folder may return the constants: IEF_Desktop_Folder or IEF_Drives_Folder
- These are not true special folders. IEF_Desktop_Folder is the Windows desktop plus a "This PC" icon to access the drives folder. IEF_Drives_Folder simply lists available drives on a system.
- To display connected devices, enable ShowDevices


// Display the Windows desktop
IEFolderMView1.Folder := IEF_Desktop_Folder;

// Check the user is not creating a folder in the drives folder
if IEFolderMView1.Folder = IEF_Drives_Folder then
  ShowMessage( 'You cannot create a folder in "My PC"' );