ImageEn, unit imageenio




function Acquire(bResetParams : Boolean = False) : boolean;


Perform a single image acquisition from the SelectedAcquireSource, which may be a Twain or WIA scanner, connected camera or phone. SelectedAcquireSource is set when the user chooses a source if you have called SelectAcquireSource or manually set a source using SetAcquireSource.
If bResetParams is True then SetDefaultParams is called before Acquire to reset the IO parameters (if you have already loaded an image from file).
Result is true if there was a successful acquisition.

Note: For acquisition of multiple images use TImageEnMIO.Acquire.


Demo  Demos\ImageAcquisition\AllAcquire\AllAcquire.dpr


// Prompt the user to choose a scanner source and then acquire
if ImageEnView1.IO.SelectAcquireSource([ieaTwain, ieaWIA, ieaDCIM]) then

// Capture from the default WIA device
if ImageEnView1.IO.SetAcquireSource(ieaWIA, Default_Device) then

// Select the second Twain device and capture
if ImageEnView1.IO.SetAcquireSource(ieaTwain, 1) then

// Capture from the Twain device named, CanoScan FB620
if ImageEnView1.IO.SetAcquireSource(ieaTwain, 'CanoScan FB620') then

// Retrieve from the camera card listed as H:\ drive
if ImageEnView1.IO.SetAcquireSource(ieaDCIM, 'H') then

// Capture without a dialog
ImageEnView1.IO.AcquireParams.VisibleDialog := False;
if ImageEnView1.IO.Acquire then
ImageEnView1.IO.SaveToFile('D:\newimage.jpg'); // save scanned image