ImageEn, unit imageenio




function DoPreviews(pp: TPreviewParams = [ppAll]): boolean;


Executes the Previews dialog allowing the user to review and modify the parameters of image file formats (for example, JPEG quality, TIFF compression, etc).

pp is the set of image formats parameters to show in the dialog.
The style of the dialog is affected by SimplifiedParamsDialogs

The Parameters dialog for TIFF, using SimplifiedParamsDialogs = True;

The Parameters dialog for TIFF, using SimplifiedParamsDialogs = False;

Note: The size of the dialog are specified by: IOPreviewsDialogWidth and IOPreviewsDialogHeight

Compatiblity Information

From 12.5.0 the PCX (ppPCX) and TGA (ppTGA) properties tabs are no longer shown in the Save Properties dialog. If they are required, define IEIncludeLegacyFormatsInSavePreviews in


Demo  Demos\ImageEditing\CompleteEditor\PhotoEn.dpr
Demo  Demos\Other\ImageEn_Dialogs\ImageEn_Dialogs.dpr


ImageEnView1.IO.LoadFromFile('C:\myimage.gif');  // loads a GIF image
ImageEnView1.IO.DoPreviews([ppGIF]); // sets GIF parameters (background, transparency...)
ImageEnView1.IO.SaveToFile('D:\newimage.gif'); // saves some image with new parameters

// Show advanced GIF saving properties
ImageEnView1.IO.SimplifiedParamsDialogs := False;

See Also

- OnDoPreviews
- OnShowDialog