ImageEn, unit imageenio




function LoadFromFileGIF(const FileName: WideString): integer;


Loads an image from a GIF file (87a, 89a or animated GIF).

FileName is the file name including extension.

Returns the number of images contained in GIF file (if this is an animated GIF) or -1 if an error was encountered while loading, such as the file not being GIF format (Aborting will be true). Loading errors due to a file not being available will raise an exception.

- You can abort loading by setting Aborting to true
- If AsyncMode=True the result will always be -1
- If you are loading from a multi-frame GIF, enable GIFFrameCaching to speed up loading
- By default, GIF_RawLoad is enabled, so the frame returned will be merged to ensure it is a valid image (contains needed content from prior frames)


// Loads the third frame of an animated gif
ImageEnView1.IO.Params.GIF_ImageIndex := 2;

See Also

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