ImageEn, unit iemview




property Checkboxes: TIEMCheckboxType;


Displays a checkbox in each thumbnail box to provide an alternative method for users to select files (as opposed to multiple selection).

- Use CheckedCount to return the number of checked items
- Read/write the checked status of each file using Checked
- Set checked status en masse using CheckAll or UncheckAll
- Change the position and style of checkboxes with CheckBoxPos and SetCheckboxParams
- Add spacing to avoid drawing over the thumbnail using LeftGap or RightGap
- Access the event, OnCheckboxClick, to determine when the user clicks a checkbox
- To display a hint when hovering over the checkbox use OnGetHint


Demo  Demos\Multi\Checkboxes\Checkboxes.dpr


// Display checkboxes
ImageEnMView1.Checkboxes := iecbAlways;

// Display checkboxes (and offset image so checkboxes do not draw over it)
ImageEnMView1.Checkboxes := iecbAlways;
ImageEnMView1.LeftGap    := 20;
ImageEnMView1.RightGap   := 6;

// Display checkboxes when hovering over a thumbnail
ImageEnMView1.Checkboxes := iecbShowOnHover;

// Remove the checkboxes
ImageEnMView1.Checkboxes := iecbNone;