ImageEn, unit iemview




property ImageInfoText[idx: Integer]: WideString;


Use ImageInfoText to specify custom text to appear directly below the thumbnail of index, idx (above ImageBottomText).
The default info text is specified by DefaultInfoText but you can override this for a specific thumbnail by setting a value for ImageInfoText.

 The font style is set by InfoTextFont. But you can customize it for specific thumbnails using the OnGetTextEx event.
 Other text fields that can be set are: ImageTopText and ImageBottomText
 If AutoAdjustStyle = True, then setting Style will automatically set ImageInfoText

You can optionally specify the following constants:
Value Displays Example
IEM_Filename Name of the file 'MyImage.jpg'
IEM_FilenameNoExt Name of the file without its extension (or path) 'MyImage'
IEM_FilePath Path of the file 'C:\Data\My Pictures\'
IEM_ImageDimensions Dimensions and color depth of images (Nothing is shown for non-images) '1200 x 800'
IEM_ImageDimAndSize Dimensions of images with the file size '1200 x 800, 3,900 KB'
IEM_FileSize Size of the file on disk '3,900 KB'
IEM_FileCreateDate The date that the file was created '7/5/13'
IEM_FileCreateDateTime The date and time that the file was created '7/5/13 8:03am'
IEM_FileCreateDateAndSize The create date of the file and its size '7/5/13, 3,900 KB'
IEM_FileEditDate The date that the file was last edited '7/5/13'
IEM_FileEditDateTime The date and time that the file was last edited '7/5/13 8:03am'
IEM_FileEditDateAndSize The last edit date of the file and its size '7/5/13, 3,900 KB'
IEM_FileType The ImageEn type for this file 'JPEG Image'
IEM_FileExt The extension only of the file, e.g. JPEG for 'MyImage.jpeg' 'JPEG'
IEM_ImageDict"xyz" Returns the value of key xyz from the ImageDictionary 'Some Dictionary Value'


idx := ImageEnMView1.AppendImage( 'D:\Butterfly.jpg' );
ImageEnMView1.ImageTopText[idx]    := 'Top text';
ImageEnMView1.ImageInfoText[idx]   := 'Info text';
ImageEnMView1.ImageBottomText[idx] := 'Bottom text';

// Display the filename and dimensions for each image
for I := 0 to ImageEnMView1.ImageCount - 1 do
  ImageInfoText[I]   := IEM_ImageDimensions;
  ImageBottomText[I] := IEM_Filename;

Compatibility Notes

Prior to v6.0.0, ImageInfoText was a class that held properties for Font, Caption, etc. This was simplified in v6.0.0. ImageInfoText is now only a widestring that carries the caption for a cell.

So code that was previously:
ImageInfoText[idx].Caption := 'Abc';

Is now:
ImageInfoText[idx] := 'Abc';

To set the font of the text, use InfoTextFont. TextBackgroundStyle and TextBackgroundColor now control the background for all cells, and TextTruncSide allows you to change the truncation. These properties affect all cells, so to customize the styling of a particular cell use the OnGetTextEx event.

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